My Story

Ben Wymer is a wildlife ecologist, certified wildlife tracker, and conservation photographer currently living in Minnesota. Ben’s career and ambition has taken him across the northern latitudes of the contiguous U.S., working in New Hampshire and New England, Washington, and Minnesota. Having worked in the land conservation and wildlife research communities, he understands how vital it is protect and restore natural ecosystems for wildlife, but also people.

Through photography, Ben found a means of inspiring and educating people in his communities and beyond. He strives to create constructive and supportive environments where people can feel free to ask questions and savour the unknown.

Tracking has been another tool Ben has used extensively in wildlife work. However, tracking goes beyond simple identification. It is a means of understanding and becoming closer to the world around us. Ben is a certified wildlife tracker by Cybertracker North America, and he loves sharing this skill with any who will listen.

Ben has created educational nature walk videos for a local land trust and for the U.S. Forest Service’s Woodsy the Owl Junior Ranger Program. He has also contributed content to the latest edition of the Birds of the Squam Lakes Region.